10 Great Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky You Won’t Believe (Updated for 2024)

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Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky are so popular for Glamping in Kentucky that people from all over the country search for these magical accommodations to stay in when visiting the bluegrass state. Immersing yourself in nature while having a unique experience and some amazing amenities is what builders of Kentucky Treehouses do best.

Kentucky has some amazing and remarkable nature including Mammoth Cave National Park, Red River Gorge Geological Area, and Daniel Boone National Forest among others. Many people flock to the region for not only its wonderful nature but its history, food, and culture. To make it easier to find some of the best Treehouse Rentals Kentucky has to offer, we have compiled a list of our absolute favorite Treehouse rentals in Kentucky. Book early as they fill up fast….Enjoy!

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Aliyah Kentucky Treehouse

Aliyah Kentucky Treehouse
Aliyah Kentucky Treehouse

This enchanting retreat is a perfect blend of comfort and adventure, offering accommodation for up to six guests. Ideal for families or groups, it can comfortably host either two adults with four children or four adults with two children. As you enter, the centerpiece of the living room is a majestic red oak, symbolizing the harmonious blend of nature and comfort. The living space is further enhanced by a charming swinging bridge that leads to the ‘snuggling castle.’ This cozy nook is thoughtfully designed with sleeping arrangements that include a full-size bed below and a twin bed above, ensuring a comfortable and unique stay.

The location of this hideaway offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the stunning beauty of sunrise and sunset vistas. In the evenings, guests can create a magical atmosphere by lighting a warm fire, casting a beautiful glow over the area and enhancing the tranquil ambiance. The treehouse is adorned with artistic touches at every turn, adding to the charm and character of the space. For those seeking adventure, the site offers exciting trails and a variety of activities, ensuring that every moment is filled with enjoyment and discovery.

Perched above the main living area, the loft houses a spacious plus-size bed, offering an additional cozy retreat within this unique treehouse. This feature, along with the many others, solidifies this property as one of the top treehouse rentals in Kentucky. Whether seeking a peaceful escape or an adventurous getaway, this treehouse provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience, blending natural beauty with thoughtful comforts.

Pete Nelson Treehouse in Kentucky

Pete Nelson Treehouse in Kentucky
Pete Nelson Treehouse rentals in Kentucky

This treehouse seamlessly combines rustic charm with modern amenities, offering an ideal “off-the-grid nature experience” without sacrificing comfort. Equipped with power and lighting, the treehouse includes a fully functional kitchen and a reserve space heater, ensuring a comfortable stay in any weather. A highlight of this cozy retreat is the indoor wood-burning stove, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for chilly evenings. To enhance your experience, it’s recommended to watch our show, “The Kentucky Climbers Cottage,” which many guests find enriches their stay, offering insights and adding depth to the treehouse adventure.

The most captivating feature of this treehouse is undoubtedly its barn doors, which beautifully merge the interior with the natural surroundings. Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee or breakfast beside the wood-burning stove, surrounded by the tranquility of the forest. Guests are encouraged to explore the surrounding landscape, featuring rolling hills, ancient trees, and local wildlife, all contributing to a serene and immersive nature experience.

Accommodation in this treehouse is thoughtfully arranged over two levels. The second level boasts a luxurious king-size mattress, while the first floor offers a pull-out sofa complete with linen, and there’s also an air bed available. This layout comfortably accommodates two adults and three young children, making it an ideal choice for small families or couples. Every aspect of this treehouse has been designed with comfort and harmony with nature in mind, promising a unique and memorable stay.

Old Hickory Kentucky Treehouse Rental

Old Hickory Kentucky Treehouse Rental
Old Hickory Kentucky Treehouse Rentals

This genuine treehouse play area is a haven of adventure, nestled within the branches of four majestic trees. Designed to accommodate up to 2 adults and 4 children, it’s a perfect family getaway. The treehouse features an expansive terrace that wraps around it, offering stunning views and a seamless connection with nature. Accommodations include a private master suite for added comfort and privacy, as well as a cleverly designed loft area comprising a queen-size and a twin-size bed. These loft beds are interconnected by a whimsical footbridge, adding an element of fun and uniqueness to the space.

The Cozy Nook within the treehouse is a treasure trove of games, providing endless entertainment for all ages. Comfort is paramount here, with a plush sofa in the living room for relaxing downtime. The full kitchenette is well-equipped, catering to all your culinary needs. The treehouse is also designed with an abundance of windows, flooding the interior with natural light and enhancing the cozy atmosphere. The beauty of the outdoors is just a slide away from the terrace, leading to an array of outdoor activities including swings, a rock wall, and even a slope with a picnic table beside a serene creek.

For those who love the outdoors, this treehouse offers exclusive access to 200 acres of hiking trails, inviting guests to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, there are three fishing holes available, providing a peaceful and enjoyable pastime for anglers or those looking to try something new. This treehouse is more than just a place to stay; it’s an immersive experience that combines the comfort of a home with the thrill of outdoor adventures, making it an ideal retreat for families or groups seeking a unique and memorable escape.

Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky Near Daniel Boone National Forest

Amazonia Red River Gorge Treehouse Rental Kentucky

Location: Corbin Kentucky

Amazonia Red River Gorge Treehouse Rental Kentucky
Amazonia Red River Gorge Treehouse Rental Kentucky

Amazonia, nestled in the heart of Red River Gorge, Kentucky, offers a unique, pet-friendly treehouse experience that’s perfect for small groups or families seeking an upgraded glamping adventure. Completed in September 2022, this charming tiny tree cabin is not just a place to stay; it’s a step-up for those looking to create truly memorable moments. Hand-built to harmonize with the stunning landscape of Red River Gorge, Amazonia provides an intimate connection with nature without sacrificing comfort. One of its most delightful features is the hammock floor in the loft, situated just above the kitchen, allowing you to relax in tranquility while savoring the aromas from below.

Amazonia might be tiny, but its impact on your getaway will be immense. The lower floor is easily accessible from both inside and outside and opens up to an amazing patio, an ideal spot for your group to unwind and soak in the natural surroundings. The treehouse is fully equipped with modern amenities like WiFi, a firepit, and a party patio.

Sleeping arrangements include a queen bed in the loft and a sleeper sofa in the living room, with fresh linens and towels provided. Essential starter packs are also included to ensure a hassle-free stay. However, guests should note that while firewood is not provided, it can be purchased locally.

Due to its location on a gravel hill, a car is necessary for access, with 4WD highly recommended, and trailers are prohibited. Set in a prime location, Amazonia is close to a plethora of outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and much more, making it the ideal base for exploring the wonders of Red River Gorge. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Amazonia experience!

Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky Near Red River Gorge

Dome Town Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky

Location: Rogers Kentucky

Cloud Dome Treehouse KY

Dome Town Treehouse Rentals KY Cloud Dome
Cloud Dome Treehouse in KY

The tallest dome in the Dome Village is Cloud Dome. It’s a little smaller than our other domes and was created with cost in consideration. Cloud Dome is for you if you really want to enjoy the grandeur of dome town as cheaply as possible.

To get to Cloud Dome, which is perched high on the mountainside, you must first climb the entry stairway, then ascend the spiraling steps, traverse two footbridges, and then up the final staircase to your very own little perch. It features a queen-sized bed for two people and its own kitchenette. The restroom is a little distance away in “Water Dome,” and it is communal with other Dome Town guests. The cloud dome is not insulated and is kept cool by fans. Take in the scenery!

Turtle Dome Treehouse Rental

Dome Town Treehouse Rentals KY Turtle Dome
Turtle Dome Treehouse KY

Turtle Dome is one of the largest domes, and it is situated closer to the water dome on the slope. It has a queen-sized bed that sleeps, two people. It features its very own personal kitchenette and is warmed and chilled. The dome’s spacious inside, green foliage through the bay window, and mellow soothing atmosphere of the circular room are all worth seeing. These are truly unique treehouse rentals in Kentucky to book.

The Observatory Treehouse Kentucky

Location: Stanton Kentucky

The Observatory Treehouse Kentucky
The Observatory Treehouse Kentucky

The Observatory treehouse offers a getaway that stands out from the crowd! This tree-top excursion is not for the faint-hearted, but it provides the finest vistas of the Red River Gorge. You start your tour of this pirate ship in the treetops, ascend the winding wooden ladders into the canopy. A glass bedroom with designed skylights, a screened-in hammock area with lots of stowage, and a small kitchen with a wrap-around veranda all provide excellent views. As you go from room to room over hovering bridges and tall ship ladders, take in the sights. It’s enchanting!

Haven at the Red KY Treehouse

Location: Slade Kentucky

Haven at the Red cabin in the Trees
Haven at the Red

Haven at the Red is an extraordinary cabin, beautifully situated amongst the woods and striking boulders, offering a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This cabin is a treasure of the Red River Gorge, renowned for being one of the most popular two-bedroom sites in the area. It features a luxurious king loft with a Tempur-pedic bed, ensuring a restful sleep, and a private, secluded queen bedroom.

The heart of the cabin is its spacious, open-plan kitchen and living area, complete with a cozy fireplace. The cabin’s charm is further enhanced by its numerous decks, each offering a unique view of the surrounding nature. For relaxation and leisure, guests can enjoy the hot tub, fire pit, and grill, making it perfect for both a fun weekend getaway or a longer, weeklong escape. The interior is adorned with big blankets and burlap, creating a warm, cabin-like ambiance throughout.

This secluded A-Frame cabin is a haven for nature lovers, nestled right in the treetops and featuring abundant glass windows for wildlife watching and immersing guests in the wilderness experience. Its location is ideal for exploring the natural wonders of the region, with Nada Tunnel, the Red River Gorge, and the Natural Bridge all within a few miles.

This proximity to iconic natural landmarks allows guests to easily venture out and explore the breathtaking landscapes that the area is famous for. Haven at the Red offers an unparalleled blend of comfort, luxury, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of nature.

The Bungalow Kentucky Treehouse Rental

Location: Stanton Kentucky

The Bungalow Treehouse
The Bungalow Treehouse

The Bungalow offers a unique escape from the ordinary, standing out with its unconventional approach to a cabin experience. This retreat is designed for those looking to leave the complexities of contemporary life behind and immerse themselves in simplicity and serenity. Unlike typical woodsy cabins, the Bungalow boasts walls that are entirely screened, allowing for an unobstructed interaction with nature. This architectural choice ensures that guests are greeted by the morning sun filtering through the trees at dawn, offering a natural and serene start to the day.

Embracing the outdoor lifestyle, the Bungalow features its own outdoor kitchen, perfect for those who enjoy cooking in the midst of nature. This kitchen is equipped with a small propane burner, a convenient cleaning station, and a two-person bar table, providing a cozy and intimate setting for meals. Just a short stroll from the cottage, nestled in a quaint hemlock forest, guests will find a complete picnic table with seating for four. This setting is ideal for enjoying meals or simply relaxing amidst the tranquility of the surrounding natural landscape, making the Bungalow an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and rustic outdoor experience.

The Looking Glass Treehouse Rental in Kentucky

Location: Campton Kentucky

The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky

The Looking Glass Treehouse stands as a remarkable feat of architectural ingenuity, gracefully anchored by a Tulip Poplar and a Pignut Hickory tree. This double treehouse is a testament to stability and harmony with nature. Its most striking feature is the mirrored exterior, which reflects the surrounding forest, creating an enchanting, glittering environment. This reflective design not only blends the treehouse into its natural setting but also magnifies the beauty of the sturdy trees and vivid foliage that envelop it, offering a unique and immersive experience in the heart of the forest.

Beyond its innovative design, the Looking Glass Treehouse is a true masterpiece, a product of exceptional craftsmanship and imaginative creativity. Every aspect of this treehouse has been carefully considered and executed, resulting in a space that is not just a place to stay, but a work of art in itself.

The combination of artistic design and thoughtful integration with the natural environment makes the Looking Glass Treehouse a magnificent and unparalleled retreat, offering guests a chance to experience the beauty of the forest in a completely unique and memorable way. This is one of the most popular treehouse rentals in Kentucky.

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