Treetopia Campground Review in Upstate New York

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Imagine settling into a cozy Airstream, surrounded by the rich, golden colors of fall in Upstate New York. That’s exactly what I experienced during my solo road trip last fall, a journey filled with picturesque landscapes and unique accommodations. But the real cherry on top? My stay glamping Treetopia Campground Airstream Hotel, a perfect blend of nostalgic charm and modern luxury amidst nature’s splendor.

Last fall, I spent ten wonderful days on a solo road trip along the Hudson River, winding through the quaint, storybook towns of Upstate New York, each framed by a canvas of fiery fall foliage. Of all the glamping spots and traditional hotels I’d booked for my adventure, I was most excited about my night at Treetopia. While Treetopia campground offers several glamping options, what truly stands out is its Airstream Hotel. 

When it comes to campers, it’s hard to imagine a more iconic option than an Airstream. After all, Wally Byam, the founder of Airstream, essentially created glamping more than a century ago. Wally and his wife, Marion, loved spending time in the great outdoors. But while she enjoyed going for hikes and cooking over a campfire, Mrs. Byam did not enjoy sleeping on the hard ground in a flimsy tent. Knowing that a happy wife makes for a happy life, Wally put on his thinking cap and got to work.

After several failed attempts to build a tent-like contraption on a Model T chassis, Mr. Byam shifted gears and designed a towable, teardrop-shaped shelter. Then he added a stove and ice chest for good measure. Fast forward to today, and these shiny, silver bullet beauties have been a road-trip staple for over a hundred years, symbolizing freedom and comfort in travel.

So, naturally, the chance to cozy up and spend the night in one of these iconic trailers at Treetopia campground – without the fuss of towing or setting up camp – was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It promised the essence of glamping: luxury and nature in perfect harmony.

Where is Treetopia Campground?

Located on the left bank of the Hudson River, Treetopia Campground is in Leeds, a hamlet of about 500 people in Greene County, about two hours north of New York City and 30 minutes south of Albany. You’ll find it just west of I-87, the New York State Thruway, where Leeds Athens Road intersects with Forest Hills Avenue and Valley Road. Just a short drive from the Kaaterskill Wild Forest, it is a great “home base” for a long weekend (or more) in the picturesque Hudson River Valley.

The Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground

Treetopia’s Airstream Hotel is on the east side of the campground. Adding to the luxurious seclusion, the road is a dead end for car traffic, so it’s relatively peaceful and quiet. I appreciated being tucked away in this more private section of the campground surrounded by trees and savored the opportunity to feel wrapped in a big hug by Mother Nature.

The Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground
Photo Credit – Sage Scott: The Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground

Guests have two trailer options when booking a stay at Treetopia’s Airstream Hotel: standard and jumbo. All six Airstreams in the hotel are anchored to a Treetopia deck, a wooden platform with a gas grill, a high-top picnic table, a seating area, and a fire pit.

I stayed in a standard Airstream. And, with 200 square feet of space, I joked that it was bigger than some of the New York City hotels I’ve stayed in during my travels! If you need a larger glamping accommodation, the jumbo Airstream is a 30-foot rig with a separate main bedroom with a queen bed and a twin over full bunk bed that easily accommodates five campers.

My Treetopia Airstream Bambi Review

My trailer at the Airstream Hotel was adorably decorated and incredibly comfortable. As I pulled open the door and stepped inside, my eyes locked on the four-seat banquette with padded bench seating straight ahead. It’s the perfect amount of space for eating, working, or playing games. The dinette converts into an additional sleeping space, but since I was traveling solo, it didn’t test it as a bed.

Sage Sipping Coffee Outside Treetopia Airstream Bambi- Photo Credit: Sage Scott
Sage Sipping Coffee Outside Treetopia Airstream Bambi- Photo Credit: Sage Scott

To the right is a double bed with wrap-around windows. It’s important to share that the Airstream accommodations at Treetopia campground come with limited pillows, bedding, and towels. Because I was on a road trip in a rented vehicle and couldn’t easily bring sheets, pillows, and blankets with me on the plane from Kansas City, the team at Treetopia ensured I had what I needed. But it would have been nice to have a warmer blanket on the bed on a crisp fall night in the Catskills. If you are like me and are cold any time the temperatures dip below 70 F, be sure to bring adequate bedding (and blankets)!

Bed in Airstream Bambi - Sage Scott
Bed in Airstream Bambi – Sage Scott

The kitchen in the Airstream camper is a full galley-style kitchen with a refrigerator, cooktop, microwave, and coffee maker. If you prefer to cook in an outdoor kitchen and eat under the stars when you glamp, Treetopia Campground has you covered. Whether you book the standard or jumbo Airstream, it’s attached to an impressive wooden deck with an outdoor grill, picnic table, shaded outdoor seating, and fire ring.

Kitchen in Treetopia Airstream Bambi - Photo Credit: Sage Scott
Kitchen in Treetopia Airstream Bambi – Photo Credit: Sage Scott

There are plenty of power outlets throughout the Airstream, including a plug-in outside on the Treetopia deck. I loved sitting outside under the twinkling deck lights and a sky of stars on a gorgeous fall evening while editing photos from my hike to Kaaterskill Falls earlier that day. And, yes, the wifi was blazing fast!

Best of all, for someone who really appreciates indoor plumbing and doesn’t want to have to get dressed and hike to a common area restroom in the dark, the full bathroom in the Airstream Bambi was delightful. Not only did it include a flush toilet, but it also had a walk-in shower with a bench and generous counter space.

The Airstream also included a television, but I was so busy just enjoying my surroundings (and editing my photos) that I never turned it on.

Every moment in the Airstream at Treetopia campground felt Instagram-worthy. From the charming interior to the impressive deck, you’ll want to snap a million pictures and pair them with your favorite glamping quotes and captions to make the experience last forever.

Amenities at the Treetopia Airstream Hotel

For families visiting Treetopia, there are several playgrounds on the grounds. Guests who want to swim can take a dip in the outdoor pool (although it was much too cold for that in September). The facility also offers golf car rentals in four-hour increments if guests want to use one to explore the grounds. There are private hiking trails onsite, and the entire area is wrapped in natural beauty thanks to the tree-covered Catskill Mountains.

Things to Do Near Treetopia Campground

Beyond Treetopia’s Airstream Hotel lies a treasure trove of activities and sights, each a unique piece of Upstate New York. From historic sites steeped in artistic legacy to natural wonders that beckon outdoor enthusiasts, the Hudson River Valley surrounding Treetopia is a playground for explorers and culture enthusiasts alike. Here are some of my recommendations for things to see and do near the campground.

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Just five minutes from Treetopia campground, you’ll find Thomas Cole’s former home and studio. Captivated by the natural beauty of the Hudson River Valley and the surrounding Catskill Mountains, this English artist established the Hudson River School. This American art movement vividly captured its impressive landscape on canvas.

Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Now a preserved national historic site, visiting Cole’s home and studio offers a glimpse into the life of a man whose work captured the region’s rugged beauty. The site also serves as a starting point for the Hudson River School Art Trail, a journey through nearly 20 locations that inspired this group of landscape artists.

Olana State Historic Site

The Olana State Historic Site is just across the Hudson River from Thomas Cole’s home. This enchanting hilltop home of renowned Hudson River School artist Frederic Church, one of Thomas Cole’s most talented students, offers incredible views of the valley below.

Olana State Historic Site
Olana State Historic Site

More than just a stunning example of Victorian and Persian architectural fusion, Olana was a beloved family home where Church and his wife Isabel raised their four children. Unlike many historic mansions in the valley, Olana served as a year-round residence, not merely a summer getaway. The house, thoughtfully designed to frame the breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains, is a living canvas that echoes the natural beauty that fueled Church’s artistic inspiration.

The Olana grounds are a public park, and you can immerse yourself in the site’s artistic legacy and natural splendor from dawn to dusk. A visit to Olana is essential not just for its rich history and stunning architecture but for the panoramic vistas that truly capture the essence of the Hudson Valley.

Kaaterskill Wild Forest

About 20 minutes west of Treetopia campground, you can explore the scenic hiking trails and chase waterfalls in the Kaaterskill Wild Forest. One of the highlights of my time in the forest is the awe-inspiring Kaaterskill Falls, which offers a real-life view of one of the natural wonders that captivated Cole and other Hudson River School artists.

Kaaterskill Wild Forest
Kaaterskill Wild Forest

This lush treed expanse is a haven for hikers, nature photographers, and anyone yearning for a tranquil escape into nature. The trails here range from easy walks to more challenging hikes, leading adventurers through dense forests and to breathtaking vistas. The two-tiered Kaaterskill Falls, plunging over 260 feet, is the highest waterfall in New York State and a historic icon, having inspired countless artworks and stories. Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or a vigorous hike, the Kaaterskill Wild Forest offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Catskills.

Hudson River Skywalk Over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge

For an experience that feels like stepping into a living painting, the Hudson River Skywalk over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge is a must-visit. Located just a short drive from Treetopia campground, this pedestrian path connects the towns of Catskill and Hudson, offering a unique way to explore more of the Hudson Valley’s charm.

Rip Van Winkle Bridge
Rip Van Winkle Bridge

As you stroll across this historic bridge, the stunning views will nearly take your breath away. The panoramic vistas of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River below are so striking that they seem to leap straight out of a Frederic Church or Thomas Cole masterpiece. The Skywalk is a blend of engineering marvel and artistic tribute, creating a seamless connection between the natural beauty and the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Reflecting on My Dreamy Airstream Adventure

Overall, my stay in the Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground was absolutely magical and remains one of the highlights of a beautiful trip. I didn’t want to leave the next morning. As I continued my journey, I compared every other accommodation to Treetopia, and nothing came close to it.

To Book Your Stay at Treetopia Campground in Upstate NY

Learn more about the Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground by visiting their website. You can also explore other glamping accommodations offered at Treetopia, including treehouses, glamping tents, and cabins. If you have your own RV or camper, you can also book a campsite for it.

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